''one style is never enough''

Enhanche I For every edit, there is a baseline. A baseline will show you how far you can take an image without losing quality. It’s the definition of enhancing the photograph 

SGN I This is my signature style edit. It’s an enhanched version where I also colour correct, do spot/clutter removal and creating depth

Fairytale I In this style I will enhance the photograph by creating a different depth, background and lighting. It’s a lighter version of the storybook edit

Storybook I I go to town with these edits. These edits need a great quality shot to begin with. I will use different photographs and draw elements into the photo, I will blend the subject into the image to create a story. From a sunny shot into a moonlight dreamy shot, from a winter urban image to an image with reindeer’s or mountains views

IG I This style is seen all over Instagram. It’s a quick edit style with a certain flare, sunspot and colour correction. Usually a quick style used for iphone pictures or lower quality shots but i love using this style on any RAW quality shot. A nice way to hide certain elements yet still take an image to another level

Movement I Taking a still image and creating movement is a style that is seen more and more on Instagram. A style that started to get ground when Photoshop was still CS3 and seeing other incredible talented artists on Instagram doing this style shows you how timeless the style actually is

Black & White I A style where the subject sometimes loses essence is actually once of the hardest editing styles to perfect. An easy way to lose sight of the subject or to lose the story of the image.

Colour Pop I Taking a black and white picture and making something pop. Whether it’s the subject or something complimentary next to the subject

Comment below what your favourite style is!


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