''Let's hear from RSupreme studios''
One of my favorite edits are doing rolling shots! When editing my photos i always take the shot with the edit in mind, what I will be able to do when processing and i always shoot RAW.
All of my edits, rollers shots or not, start in Lightroom with minor adjustments and corrections before i move on to Photoshop. This is when the fun starts and i can do more complicated things like creating motion, removing or adding details and further adjust the image.
Most of my photos are composed from several photos using a CPL filer where the most simple edits are made from a minimum of 10 layers and the more complicated ones, like roller shots on a background swap, can easily be 40 layers project.
Average editing time is between 1.5 to 3 hours per photo depending on details.

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RS Supreme – RSupreme Studios 


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