'' A new artist is on the gram ''
The best way I can describe my editing style is similar to the Enhanche style.  As someone newer to photography and editing I have researched and studied hours upon hours of information in a relatively short period.  I view my photography and editing as a journey to find my signature style. One of the most important steps for me is to begin an edit immediately once I upload.  Then come back to that edit after a few hours or the next day to decide if I still feel the same way about it initially.
For this edit, I did the necessary sharpening, white balance, radial, and graduated filter adjustments.  I debated to keep the parking lines for symmetry purposes or to remove them.  Ultimately, I chose to remove them; I also made a different adjustment to the sky and clouds as well as saturated the trees which is a departure from my usual style.
The road less traveled. When I am attempting to capture a particular shot, I position the car in appealing angles first.  I then look for angles based on the current position of the vehicle.  For this specific shot, the road added a sense of scale.  It gives the feeling that it came from somewhere.  The editing process was desaturation of the greens, to make the subject stand out.  I removed the fire hydrant and cleaned up spots on the road.  I often graduated and radial filters to highlight specific portions of a photo to draw the eyes to the subject.

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