'' BK shares the breakdown of these beautiful edits''

We appreciate this artist for having his own style and to actually see his growth is amazing. To see more or even order an edit —-> click here


It all depends on the specific picture, some (like the side shot) are more or less clean right off the camera, others (like the rear shot) are a disaster that may or may not be salviable through the power of post-production.
[Side Shot]:
The side shot was captured with my new Sony A7ii, it was more or less clean off the camera, but still needed minor tweaking. I did the usual “run through” of removing highlights, boosting shadows, minor increase of clarity, and little tweaks to saturation. A little “not-so-secret” secret is to use the brush to selectively edit specific parts of the photo. I did this with the wheels and headlights, boosting shadows to bring out the detail and boosting clarity and sharpness to really make them stand out. The shot lined up well enough to do a wild Photoshop edit with a gradient rainbow sky which made it to the final edit.
[Rear Shot]:
This shot looked nice on the viewfinder but terrible once I imported it to Lightroom (as is the case with a large amount of my photos), however not all was lost. I crushed the highlights and dropped exposure and get a decent amount of the photo back. Then did the run though as mentioned above, which extra brushing on the taillight as that was the main subject of the shot. I tinkered with photo temperature, and hue levels on this one, getting a pinkish tone to the background and a teal-er color on the car. I really like this style since it’s similar to “Outrun” 80s style (here is a example even though I’m sure you know what I’m talking about

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