'' the higher the quality, the greater the edit''

Can my photo be edited?

Yes! The rule is ” the higher the quality, the greater the edit”

How much does one edit cost?

Click here to find out

I only have iPhone photo’s. Is this good enough?

For SGN, Enhanche and IG. Yes. Phone images are a lower quality image which means the edit can’t be too heavy because it will look fake or simply just bad. You can zoom in with any image but with a phone image, it’s really limited before seeing the first sign of sharp pixels.

What’s the best way to submit my content?

Fill in the form on this page. This way, you and our team can decide together what you can expect and what your wishes are. After finding out if your wishes are achievable, you can share your content. This ensures that you only share your content when needed. 

What is the difference between a quick edit and a massive one?

Several hours. Some Storybook edits take 8 hours where a quick edit can be done in 15 minutes.

Do i use RAW, Jpeg or Jpg?

RAW images are the best. Any other format is a cropped quality. Go to the menu of your camera, go to size and select RAW. Jpeg can still be great to edit.

I have a picture from a photographer, can you use that?

As long as there is no edit on it, we can do a lot with the image. Just make sure you own the images and/or you have consent.

A quick overview of what you can expect

  • RAW – above 12mb every style
  • camera – 12MB file size and up – every style
  • camera – 5 to 12 MB file – Every style except storybook but depending on the clarity, there are exceptions to this rule
  • camera –  up to 5MB file size – SGN, B&W, Colourpop, Enhanche, IG.
  • phone – IG. *depending on the phone » SGN, colourpop, Enhanche.






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