''Dudette - before and after''

I’m showing you this edit so you can see what makes a bad edit even tough it looks good at first sight. Would you like to see more of this?

First, look at the light source and the shadow. The shadow shows us that the original light source is coming from above instead of from the right.

The light doesn’t hit the top roof which is the highest point of the subject which means, it’s not coming from the side.

The tree on the back window has no leaves while the the rest of trees do.

Can you find the other ”faults”? Comment below ūüôā


IMG_1758 - Fairytale afterIMG_1764 - before


Edit breakdown

  • Fairytale style
  • 1 edit total
  • 2 hours
  • 27 layers
  • Raw image
  • Freestyle elements I Intuous 4
  • Photoshop

Dudette  x Bossman



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