My name is Kim, also known as Dudette and I'm the founder of Enhanche

In many ways I like to be creative with everything yet editing is where i find the most joy. I started this journey as a way to get my mind of work, an outlet with no obligations whatsoever so I deleted all my social media and started a new Instagram account by the name of @shiftdriftdrive.

I chose to showcase my love for the automotive sector and combine it with my ”tic” for perfection and I started to build a page. I’m currently the only one on Instagram in the automotive sector who creates ”memes/qoutes” to place them as an essential grid item. And I, unintentionally, set myself apart from a mass by collecting other artists and join forces to do different styles of edits and showcase them on a website.

I remembered a few people from my old account and searched for these ”car fanatics” and within mere minutes I found a few and reached out to them. I found out that with some i never left an impression at all! I’m glad that with a lot of them i did. One of the first is also one of the first team members and together we have been growing with a group of people into a little editing community on Instagram. This group consists out of photographers, car owners and editors who all have their own part in creating content. Some of them which i will showcase on this website once a week as a featured artist and some of them i will showcase on Instagram. I need more than the cropped quality of Instagram alone and so do many other great artists. Here i can show you a part of my journey, the before and after and show you a great selection of different artists and you might find a style you would like to see with your car.



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